The Complete Angler

Have you heard of this book? The Complete Angler  by Izaak Walton, is a literary work of art that celebrates the spirit of fishing.  Published in 1653, the book contains quoted verses from John Dennys's 1613 work The Secrets of Angling.   Walton dedicated his work to John Offley who was his most honored friend.  

In 2011 a group of Yale film students picked up on the not-so-popular piece of literature and produced a film titled, “The Complete Angler.”

It was made by James Prosek (artist/writer), Fritz Mitchell (producer/editor) and Peter Franchella (cinematographer). The film documents Prosek's travels as he walks in the footsteps of the 17th century English writer, Izaak Walton—"research" for his senior thesis at Yale. The film focuses on Walton's book, The Complete Angler, a book that many have heard of but few have actually read.  

You can see the student film on YouTube, and it is attached below: