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The Ship That Launched Them All

Marco Polo's contributions to Cabo San Lucas's history is not met without drama.  His life story is filled with adventure both on land and at sea.  And what's even more surprising is that hardly anyone believed his recorded testimonies.  

His stories were considered fairytales, doubts that Marco Polo actually sailed to China,  "Many people took his accounts with a grain of salt and some skeptics question the authenticity of his account. Many of his stories have been considered as fairytales: the strange oil in Baku and the monstrous birds which dropped elephants from a height and devoured their broken carcasses. 

His Travels made no mention about the Great Wall. While traveled extensively in China, Marco Polo never learned the Chinese language nor mentioned a number of articles which are part of everyday life, such as women's foot-binding, calligraphy, or tea. In additional, Marco Polo's name was never occurred in the Annals of the Empire (Yuan Shih), which reco…

Newbie Sporfishing Advice

If you are a new angler looking for an experience, then Cabo San Lucas is your best choice for deep sea fishing.  We have plenty of charters for all different levels of experience, with some of the best Sea Captains to boot!  But in order to have a fun experience it's wise to educate your self on realistic challenges when it comes to fishing in the ocean.  Marlin fishing is not for the weak.

There is no one cheat sheet that works for every type of fishing.  There are differences between saltwater and freshwater fishing.  The species of fish you decide to go after, depends on how you should be prepared.  So before you do go out on your first fishing trip, decide on the water and the fish first.  Another thing to think about is the weather.  You could plan for a buddy fishing trip a year in advance, but the day you do fish, it might rain.  So be flexible and decide on a week you would like to fish, rather then being stuck on one day.

The best attribute of fishing charters is that th…

The Legend that Inspired Cortez

Amazonian women have dotted recorded history all over the world.  From Ancient Greece to modern Brazil, these strong native women have elevated men towards greatness.  

Spanish writer Garci de Montalvo was inspired by the voyages of Christopher Columbus and wrote Adventures of Esplandian in 1500.  The buzzword of his time was "terrestrial paradise" with circulating rumors of gold and pearls worn by exotic women.  

Then, with the historic mythical broadcasts of Columbus and Montalvo, Cortez was on a mission and would not quit, sailing to La Paz himself and landed there sometime in between 1534 and 1535.  But reality met Cortez as he discovered the Pericu Natives, living off the land as regular tribal people.  

An interesting fact about the Pericu, is that they had the technology of watercraft already in their possession.  They knew how to fish since they did not practice farming.  The Pericu Elder Women were mostly tribal leaders.  And analysis of their skeletal ancestors sugges…

The Marine Survey

Marine Surveys & Yacht Inspections are professionally prepared reports needed for almost every financial institution when you want to buy or sell your yacht.  These thorough inspections are not rushed and may take more than one day which includes a sea trial of the yacht in open waters.  

A thorough inspection depends on the type of survey required based on the vessel size, equipment, and on-board systems.  There maybe additional services such as engine surveys, oil analysis, and other tests.

So why should you have your boat inspected?  Because banks and insurance companies require them.  They need to know the yachts condition and fair market value in order to finance and/or underwrite the vessel.  Knowing the yachts condition and fair market value before you purchase the boat is also very important!  However, the most important reason to have your boat inspected is for the safety of the passengers and crew. (Source:

What does the inspection include?  The inspec…