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Cabo: Best Attraction for Retirees

Isn't it interesting?  You can get more bang for your real estate buck for ocean view property in Mexico then you can in the United States.  And, with the emergence of more commercial business availability in Mexico,  Cabo San Lucas has become the perfect location for those looking to relax and enjoy the simple side of life for awhile.  

Better Quality of Life"Economic and political ties alone will not attract retirees and others to live in a foreign land; beyond the underlying strengths of the Baja region, Los Cabos offers its residents a superb quality of life, with services and amenities to support a comfortable way of living." "The great outdoors — on the water and on land — is really spectacular here. The climate lends itself perfectly to outdoor pursuits, which is why Los Cabos is host to no less than six world championship golf courses and major international sports fishing events." "In addition to sports fishing, SCUBA diving, boating and yachting, sw…

Like a Fine Scotch, Taste Tequila

The American marketplace is seemingly saturated with quick shot glasses and beer bombs.  And it's very typical for Americans to come to Mexico with the same shotgunning attitude in regards to tequila.  But do any of us foreigners really know Mexican tequila?  

"I remember when I thought a shot of Jose Cuervo Gold tequila was living it up. In fact, it may have been just a step above bar stock once I got to know my tequila. I remember the ritualistic licking of the salt, downing the shot and biting the lime. Now I know this is just a marketing gimmick to help you suffer through bad tequila."

"A good tequila can be sipped with pleasure, like a fine scotch. Yes, at between 62 to 110 proof, even the finest tequila provide a bit of a burn, but you shouldn't have to 'suffer' through something your paying $10 a bottle and up for! First, let me say the best tequila is the one you like. There are also various tequila for various occasions. You can spend fromabout $7 …

What a Yacht Broker Can Do For You

Selling a boat is easy, right?  You can just put a sign on it, post it on Craigslist and soon buyers will be knocking on your door.  What have you got to lose?  Interesting you should ask because you have a lot to lose, especially if you enjoy your time off.  You could be arranging appointments, no problem.  But they could be for finicky buyers who want to see the boat at anytime and during any football game.  So are you sure you can afford as much of your off time to sell your old toy you enjoyed for leisure?  

"Selling it yourself has drawbacks, however. You won't be able to get the same kind of national exposure a broker can, and you'll be responsible for keeping the boat in top condition and available for showing. And, because most boat shopping occurs on weekends, expect to be tied down during your time off. Finally, like many others, you may simply dislike negotiating." 

"There are several advantages to using a broker, the biggest of which is exposure. Plast…