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32 'Boston Whaler Center Console 2007

32 'Boston Whaler Center Console. 2007 

Always stored under full cover. 
Very light use. Close to new condition. 
Records available. 

Specs -  
Warranty: 10 years 
Hull Shape: Deep Vee 

Beam: 10 ft 2 in 
Maximum Draft: 1 ft 10 in 
Bridge Clearance: 9 ft 10 in 
Freeboard: 2 ft 4 in 
Dry Weight: 8500 lbs 
Max Load Capacity: 4300 lbs 

2 Engines - Total Power: 500 HP 
Engine Brand: Mercury 
Year Built: 2007 
Engine Model: CXXL DTS Verado FourStroke 
Engine Type: Outboard 
Engine / Fuel Type: Gas / Petrol 
Engine Hours: 620 each
Engine Power: 250 HP each

Fuel Tanks: (300 Gallons) 

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Fall 2017 Yacht Sale


Turn an old Hatteras into a Houseboat

Think in terms of fixing up an old mustang, it's going to take time and money.  But if the skeleton is solid then it's worth the challenge especially if you can yacht the seven seas in your own custom yachtfisher, your own home on the sea.  Know what I mean?  

So just because the year of the boat is not as modern as you would like, yet the price is just right, time to think with some creativity so don't go sailing off into the sunset just yet.  Let's do some research and focus on what your needs are.  Are you bored and you need a project?  Do you just want a toy to play with?  Are you serious angler and need some time away from modern city life?  

Chances are, you need a new mental challenge that matches your desirable hobbies.  So if boating, sailing, yachting, or angling is in your heart and soul then let's anchor this baby into a concept who may not have thought about, creating your very own deep-sea fishing condo.

Robobait of the Future!

That's right, they're here and they're taking over the ocean!  Forget angling the real deal, now we can hunt fish robots in the sea!  Well, not really, but it sure makes for a fun intro.

What this post is really about is how technology is advancing the way we fish.  In an online post published March 15, 2017 by Outdoor Life titled, "Fishing Lures of the Future," the article highlights how simple fishing lures are now being engineered for better quality, "...concept is simple. We are using advanced digital circuitry to produce a lure that mimics real forage species not only in the way that it swims and looks, but in the way that it sounds as well." 

They say that "ultra-realistic" bait has become the norm for anglers all over the USA.  

So from virtual design concepts to futuristic plastics, worm bait is no longer just worm bait? 

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Books and Boats

We know you like it, getting away from land-locked, too-tight spaces.  The freedom of being out on the open sea is very refreshing.  No techno-gadgets, no sales mumbo-jumbo, and no commercialized over-sized junk.  So what to do with all that time swaying to and fro?  This is where having a good book on-hand comes in, something to sink your eyes into, something to give your mind a whir...

And this is where we plug some books from "Books for Your Boat," published by let's check our top 3 picks:

Hostage: A Year at Gunpoint with Somali Pirates - 
by Paul and Rachel Chandler with Sarah Edworthy (2011; $16; Mainstream Publishing Co.). Liveaboards Paul and Rachel Chandler, who sail a 38-footer, Lynn Rival, might as well be that cruising couple a few docks over. You know—the pair you’ve known for years. But they have a miraculous adventure story to tell. Hostage is a fascinating, no-frills account of being attacked and held captive by Somali pirates for over a …

5 Classic Navy Movies

There's nothing like a classic movie and a bowl of popcorn to get you in a sea-like mood.  We actually wanted to know more about top sailors of all time, but ended up with moving-picture stories instead.  These movie picks were published by the Huffington Post back in 2012, and considering this classic line-up, these old timers are still goodies for anyone today in 2017. 

So here is a snippet of, "The Best Navy Movies of All Time."

#1 - Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) - In late 18th-century Great Britain, sadistic Captain Bligh (Charles Laughton) commands the HMS Bounty on a long voyage to Tahiti to collect food supplies. When Bligh’s cruelty towards his crew goes beyond reasonable limits, second-in-command Fletcher Christian (Clark Gable) faces the fateful decision of whether to seize control of the ship. MGM’s adaptation of the famous book by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall is given top shelf treatment here, with a sneering Laughton the definitive Bligh, and the studi…

The Warrior Sailing Program

Did you know?  The Warrior Sailing Program is dedicated to maritime education for wounded, ill and injured service members of the US military.
They offer a 3-day basic training camp at no-cost for qualified participants,"The Warrior Sailing Program Basic Training Camp is focused on introducing the skill of sailing to wounded, ill and injured service members. In a fun but intense 3-day camp, participants are taught how to manage a boat on the water. It’s about teamwork, self-reliance and the fun-factor. The program highlights skills to manage a boat on the water as well as societal skills, which may translate to personal and job skill development." 
The USMMA Sailing Foundation is the parent organization of the Warrior Sailing Program and you can learn more about the program itself by visiting their website:

Hatteras: Product of Coastal Waters

"There is an undaunted spirit in the Hatteras brand. You can see it in the obsessive work of the men and women who pour their talent and heart into building each legendary vessel. 

You can feel it in the way the Hatteras hull cuts confidently through waters that lesser boats dare not enter. But more than anything, you can witness it inside the ambitious souls who make Hatteras an expression of their own drive for adventure. Those who are unwilling to compromise and determined to push boundaries. 

So, for all those who celebrate a life without limits, we welcome you aboard."


The one featured in this article is a 1971 41' Hatteras Flybridge Sportfisher, and is available for purchase.  The Asking price is $85,000 or you can make an offer.  

Features Include: 
A Complete overhaul w/new interior
Twin diesel Detroit 8V-53's
2 cabins, head and shower
2 Steering Stations
Furuno Nav Net
Air Conditioning

And has a slip in the Cab…

Starting a Yacht Charter Business

"Buying an existing charter yacht that already has a good reputation in the charter market with existing booking information online and marketing and sales material is an excellent value." -

But how do you know if it's right for you?  One way to explore this option is by reading what other charter companies have to say.  What are the pros and cons each company owner is experiencing?  And, does location really depend on the experience?  Of course it does.  

One of the key business mottos is location, location, LOCATION.  

"Cheryl and Bob Piccoli spent five years in the planning phase before they purchased their Lagoon catamaran."  Bob suggest, " “They’re managing and maintaining your boat,” Bob suggests that you should feel comfortable with the charter comany your are dealing with.  He says. “They’re doing all the things that are required. They’re not always going to call you. You have to be comfortable with that.”  (Read More...)

Jody and Mike a…

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