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Cabo's Marina & More

Meet "Pancho," the official Sea Lion Wild Mascott of Cabo's Marina.  A well known celebrity with all the local fisherman, this guy is not shy to get a free handout.  And, when he's not hopping a ride on a yachtfisher for a tasty appetizer, he's catching some rays and floating around the boats parked in the docks.  
Cabo's Marina itself is one of the best marina's in all of Mexico.  Bustling with shopping treats and tasty local cuisine, walking around the marina is a must-do on a tourist's bucket list when visiting this city.  So grab a pair of sneakers, a hat and some sunscreen, then go on a wonderful walking adventure around the marina.  

The walk, depending on how fast or slow you go, will take you approximately 30-45 minutes.  See the map pictured below:  

The old Tuna Cannery sitting on the edge of the harbor and at one end of the marina is a fun feature to look out with an amazing history as old as the marina.  
"The abandonded shell of the hist…

Love the Salvation Army


Holiday Yachting

Who says you can't have your Christmas party on a nice yacht?  Or perhaps you want to get away with that special someone and treat them to fanciness they hardly ever get?  If you are in the United States it's not that hard to get to the coast, and if you want to get away from the states then Mexico (especially Cabo San Lucas) has got to be the most affordable, yet it is very rich with diverse flavors.  Mexico's tourism is their pride and joy so the local people know how to treat their guests.  They say, "Expect the unexpected and expect the expected." 

Cabo San Lucas has many types of charters, from deep sea sportfishing to ultimate luxury liners, so it all depends on your budget and what you can afford.  So when planning your holiday getaway here are some things to consider, as provided by

1. Location, Location, Location
2. Type of Charter - Fishing or Luxury
3. Number of People - Group vs. Couples
4. Trip Duration - 4 hours, 8 hours, ov…

Boating with Dogs

How many dog owners and dog lovers are there, out there?  And how many of them take their dogs almost everywhere they go and on a boat?  Dogs are probably THE BEST companion known to man and the best animal ambassador between man and Mother Nature.  And with the numerous scientific studies of how dogs help humans live longer and healthier lives, it's only logical to help our dogs live longer and healthier lives too.  
So here are some helpful tips for boating with dogs, as provided by

3 Simple Yacht Maintenance Tips

Just like fresh water or deep sea fishing, you need to pay attention to your boat or yacht.  It's in the little details that count, and if they go unnoticed can cause the greatest of damages.  So with these 3 simple yacht maintenance tips from you will save yourself from dealing with a whole lot of drama in the future!


"The first and simplest task is to wash your boat regularly. If you boat in saltwater, rinse your boat thoroughly with fresh water after every outing to remove salt residue. Salt will not only corrode metal, fasteners and other hardware, left too long on your gelcoat, It can mar that as well. Use a long-handle, soft-bristle boat brush and some quality soap. Marine boatwash is best and is formulated for gelcoat. Car wash soap is next best and some boaters use laundry soap in a pinch."


"Just like cars, boats need to have their oil changed. Four-stroke outboards, inboards and stern drive b…

Know Before You Go!

Destino Los Cabos, a local Cabo San Lucas magazine tailored for the tourism & hospitality industry, does a fantastic job at highlighting and promoting what this colorful city has to offer each month.  Visitors will not be bored with the numerous attractions and festivals this far south on the Baja Peninsula.  

And just in case you were wondering what there is to do for your upcoming trip?  Just visit and check out their latest issue.     

2016 Black & Blue Schedule of Events

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2016 - REGISTRATION2:00pm-6:00pm Registration and distribution of team bags in front of Puerto Paraiso Mall.6:00pm-7:00pm Captains Meeting, Puerto Paraiso Mall. One team member must attend.7:00pm-9:00pm Opening Ceremonies begin: Flag Honors with Mexican Naval Escort, Mexican National Anthem, Pre-Colombian New Fire Dance, Lighting of the Tournament Torch, Japanese Taiko Drums, Music by Cabomax.
WED-THURS-FRI, OCTOBER 19-21, 2016 - FISHING DAYS8:00am Shotgun Start.8:00am-5:00pm Tournament Fishing; lines must be out of the water by 5:00pm.3:00pm-9:00pm Weigh Station is open in front of the Puerto Paraiso Mall, boats inside the harbour entrance by 9:00pm can weigh.
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2016 - AWARDS CELEBRATION7:00pm-8:30pm Awards Celebration starts off with cocktails followed by dinner and a big screen presentation of the tournament video. The awards presentation starts after viewing the tournament video followed by music by Cabomax. Open to tournament participants on…

No Time to Play During a Hurricane

How prepared are you for a hurricane?  On the coast it's a typical living hazard.  But in the last 5 years there seems to be record breaking hurricane numbers which leaves us in shock and out in the cold.  

As published by, "Hurricane experts are predicting that the next 15 years will be more active than the last. As sailors, there’s nothing we can do to change the outcome of these predictions. But we can be prepared. Planning for the safety of your boat and where it will survive best is a lot like the real estate business: location, location, location. And determining what steps you need to take should begin before a hurricane threatens." 

Cabo San Lucas is no stranger to hurricanes.  The main cape is fashioned because of the typical hurricane movement from sea to shore.  But unlike the typical hurricanes Cabo has experienced in recorded history, the absolute worst hurricane occurred in September 2014 which caused billions of dollars in damages.  No one …

Tips for Buying a Used Yacht

Let's be real, buying a used yacht is not a very easy process.  Much like buying a used car, the vessel is going to have a history.  Don't you wish there was a "Carfax" report for used boats too?  Unfortunately there isn't a Carfax for boats.  But hopefully there might be one sometime in the near future.  

Nonetheless, here are some great tips for buying used from - 

Tip 1: Remember the 30:70 rule: The builder makes 30 percent of the boat and purchases the remaining 70 percent from other suppliers, almost all of which has to be periodically replaced at ever-higher prices. The 30:70 rule helps explain high rates of depreciation — typically 50 percent after the first decade and 75 percent after the second.

Tip 2: Focus on the total acquisition costs: the purchase price plus the inevitable refit. A good rule of thumb is to use only half the boat budget to buy the boat, then employ the other half for the requisite upgrades. A common boat-buying mistake…

10 Ways to Eat Healthy

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

One of the best informative blogs out there for fishing, is the blog.  They have a lenghty, but educational article on fishing in Cabo San Lucas.  From fishing regulations in Cabo, to typical fishing grounds according to the season.  

This particular article being promoted is dated April 23, 2015.  So you are getting the best up-to-date information.  

 "Sitting on the southern tip of the sun-bathed Baja California peninsula, no lengthy introduction is needed for this Mexico tourist heavyweight, world renowned for its pristine beaches, premium scuba diving locations and the beloved front page of endless travel brochures – theEl Arcorock formation."

"This is where the Sea of Cortez caresses the Pacific Ocean and all hell breaks loose at the other end of your line, but we’ll get to that in just a moment. Because as it became vividly clear during the daunting events of September 2014, the real reason why Cabo became the revered sportfishing giant it is today …

Cabo: Best Attraction for Retirees

Isn't it interesting?  You can get more bang for your real estate buck for ocean view property in Mexico then you can in the United States.  And, with the emergence of more commercial business availability in Mexico,  Cabo San Lucas has become the perfect location for those looking to relax and enjoy the simple side of life for awhile.  

Better Quality of Life"Economic and political ties alone will not attract retirees and others to live in a foreign land; beyond the underlying strengths of the Baja region, Los Cabos offers its residents a superb quality of life, with services and amenities to support a comfortable way of living." "The great outdoors — on the water and on land — is really spectacular here. The climate lends itself perfectly to outdoor pursuits, which is why Los Cabos is host to no less than six world championship golf courses and major international sports fishing events." "In addition to sports fishing, SCUBA diving, boating and yachting, sw…

Like a Fine Scotch, Taste Tequila

The American marketplace is seemingly saturated with quick shot glasses and beer bombs.  And it's very typical for Americans to come to Mexico with the same shotgunning attitude in regards to tequila.  But do any of us foreigners really know Mexican tequila?  

"I remember when I thought a shot of Jose Cuervo Gold tequila was living it up. In fact, it may have been just a step above bar stock once I got to know my tequila. I remember the ritualistic licking of the salt, downing the shot and biting the lime. Now I know this is just a marketing gimmick to help you suffer through bad tequila."

"A good tequila can be sipped with pleasure, like a fine scotch. Yes, at between 62 to 110 proof, even the finest tequila provide a bit of a burn, but you shouldn't have to 'suffer' through something your paying $10 a bottle and up for! First, let me say the best tequila is the one you like. There are also various tequila for various occasions. You can spend fromabout $7 …

What a Yacht Broker Can Do For You

Selling a boat is easy, right?  You can just put a sign on it, post it on Craigslist and soon buyers will be knocking on your door.  What have you got to lose?  Interesting you should ask because you have a lot to lose, especially if you enjoy your time off.  You could be arranging appointments, no problem.  But they could be for finicky buyers who want to see the boat at anytime and during any football game.  So are you sure you can afford as much of your off time to sell your old toy you enjoyed for leisure?  

"Selling it yourself has drawbacks, however. You won't be able to get the same kind of national exposure a broker can, and you'll be responsible for keeping the boat in top condition and available for showing. And, because most boat shopping occurs on weekends, expect to be tied down during your time off. Finally, like many others, you may simply dislike negotiating." 

"There are several advantages to using a broker, the biggest of which is exposure. Plast…

Planning for Retirement

Actually, don't plan on retirement.  Just plan on changing how you work, when you work, and what you want to do FOR work.  Because it's simply a fact of life that every human works, no matter what the job is.  And we change HOW we work every decade, from our teen years to our free years (free to do whatever the hell you want).  

"Retirement wasn’t working for Dwayne. A deliberate, thoughtful man, Dwayne spent 25 years with a Fortune 500 company rising through the ranks to Company Vice President of Logistics. When he retired, Dwayne expected to fall easily into a life of leisure – rising late, doing what he wanted when he wanted, and traveling frequently with his wife Mary. Now, three months post-retirement, he finds his days endlessly boring, spent mostly sleeping or watching television. He doesn’t like golf, gardening is too hot, and Mary has her own activities which don’t include him. As many retirees discover, leaving one life to begin another is difficult. A May 2013 st…

The Bienvenidos Spirit of Cabo

It's a dance they say, a unique dialogue between the guest and their host.  

A one-of-a-kind experience tailored through an involvement with life, and every major tourist destination has their own special spirit that touches all of us in our own ways.

So for the special spirit that resides in Cabo San Lucas, I call it the Bienvenidos Spirit, the Welcome Spirit of Hospitality.  Rich in history and diverse in culture, Cabo calls many people to come down south.  

"In many ways, hospitality is out of control. It comes from the expressed humanity of the provider not from a rigid series of actions. 

You recognize it when you experience it and yet you really cannot define what it is any more than you can adequately define your love for your children. 

You can talk about what you do for them or how they make you feel, but that isn't it." 

What is The Spirit of Hospitality, or the Bienvenidos Spirit?

"The best way we can describe that difference is to recognize that it shows up…

Fishing for Father's Day - Go Tribal

Sometimes being the best fisherman is not about how you conquer Mother Nature in a death match angling the mother-load on your line.  

It's about being the hunter on the prowl, utilizing your gut instincts which are actually reinforced by Nature, teamwork at best because you know Nature is the primal force which rewards your skills.  And most hunters like the serenity and solitude with Nature because she is the one force which comforts any man willing to surrender to her bounty, on land or at sea.  

So as men on land caught up in the modern frenzy one of the best way's to escape is fishing, a perfect bonding moment between brothers or father and son.  Many women enjoy fishing too.  It's a chance to build and strengthen family values and communication, comforted by the soothing force of Mother Nature.  

One way to strengthen a man's intuition for hunting is to completely go tribal and fish like a bushman, without all the modern electronics which seem to blind a man's 6…

Presentation: Financing Your Investment

The Ship That Launched Them All

Marco Polo's contributions to Cabo San Lucas's history is not met without drama.  His life story is filled with adventure both on land and at sea.  And what's even more surprising is that hardly anyone believed his recorded testimonies.  

His stories were considered fairytales, doubts that Marco Polo actually sailed to China,  "Many people took his accounts with a grain of salt and some skeptics question the authenticity of his account. Many of his stories have been considered as fairytales: the strange oil in Baku and the monstrous birds which dropped elephants from a height and devoured their broken carcasses. 

His Travels made no mention about the Great Wall. While traveled extensively in China, Marco Polo never learned the Chinese language nor mentioned a number of articles which are part of everyday life, such as women's foot-binding, calligraphy, or tea. In additional, Marco Polo's name was never occurred in the Annals of the Empire (Yuan Shih), which reco…

Newbie Sporfishing Advice

If you are a new angler looking for an experience, then Cabo San Lucas is your best choice for deep sea fishing.  We have plenty of charters for all different levels of experience, with some of the best Sea Captains to boot!  But in order to have a fun experience it's wise to educate your self on realistic challenges when it comes to fishing in the ocean.  Marlin fishing is not for the weak.

There is no one cheat sheet that works for every type of fishing.  There are differences between saltwater and freshwater fishing.  The species of fish you decide to go after, depends on how you should be prepared.  So before you do go out on your first fishing trip, decide on the water and the fish first.  Another thing to think about is the weather.  You could plan for a buddy fishing trip a year in advance, but the day you do fish, it might rain.  So be flexible and decide on a week you would like to fish, rather then being stuck on one day.

The best attribute of fishing charters is that th…

The Legend that Inspired Cortez

Amazonian women have dotted recorded history all over the world.  From Ancient Greece to modern Brazil, these strong native women have elevated men towards greatness.  

Spanish writer Garci de Montalvo was inspired by the voyages of Christopher Columbus and wrote Adventures of Esplandian in 1500.  The buzzword of his time was "terrestrial paradise" with circulating rumors of gold and pearls worn by exotic women.  

Then, with the historic mythical broadcasts of Columbus and Montalvo, Cortez was on a mission and would not quit, sailing to La Paz himself and landed there sometime in between 1534 and 1535.  But reality met Cortez as he discovered the Pericu Natives, living off the land as regular tribal people.  

An interesting fact about the Pericu, is that they had the technology of watercraft already in their possession.  They knew how to fish since they did not practice farming.  The Pericu Elder Women were mostly tribal leaders.  And analysis of their skeletal ancestors sugges…

The Marine Survey

Marine Surveys & Yacht Inspections are professionally prepared reports needed for almost every financial institution when you want to buy or sell your yacht.  These thorough inspections are not rushed and may take more than one day which includes a sea trial of the yacht in open waters.  

A thorough inspection depends on the type of survey required based on the vessel size, equipment, and on-board systems.  There maybe additional services such as engine surveys, oil analysis, and other tests.

So why should you have your boat inspected?  Because banks and insurance companies require them.  They need to know the yachts condition and fair market value in order to finance and/or underwrite the vessel.  Knowing the yachts condition and fair market value before you purchase the boat is also very important!  However, the most important reason to have your boat inspected is for the safety of the passengers and crew. (Source:

What does the inspection include?  The inspec…