What a Yacht Broker Can Do For You

Selling a boat is easy, right?  You can just put a sign on it, post it on Craigslist and soon buyers will be knocking on your door.  What have you got to lose?  Interesting you should ask because you have a lot to lose, especially if you enjoy your time off.  You could be arranging appointments, no problem.  But they could be for finicky buyers who want to see the boat at anytime and during any football game.  So are you sure you can afford as much of your off time to sell your old toy you enjoyed for leisure?  

"Selling it yourself has drawbacks, however. You won't be able to get the same kind of national exposure a broker can, and you'll be responsible for keeping the boat in top condition and available for showing. And, because most boat shopping occurs on weekends, expect to be tied down during your time off. Finally, like many others, you may simply dislike negotiating." 

"There are several advantages to using a broker, the biggest of which is exposure. Plastering "For Sale" signs in yacht clubs and marinas can't equal the power of a broker's listing, especially with larger boats that have a smaller pool of buyers who may not even be in the same state. Brokers typically list boats through websites such as Yachtworld, which is easily searchable by anyone, anywhere in the world. Only brokers can list boats on the site, which functions much like the Multiple Listing Service for real estate agents."

(source: http://www.boatus.com/magazine/2013/October/what-a-yacht-broker-can-do-for-you.asp)