Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

One of the best informative blogs out there for fishing, is the blog.  They have a lenghty, but educational article on fishing in Cabo San Lucas.  From fishing regulations in Cabo, to typical fishing grounds according to the season.  

This particular article being promoted is dated April 23, 2015.  So you are getting the best up-to-date information.  

 "Sitting on the southern tip of the sun-bathed Baja California peninsula, no lengthy introduction is needed for this Mexico tourist heavyweight, world renowned for its pristine beaches, premium scuba diving locations and the beloved front page of endless travel brochures – the El Arco rock formation."

"This is where the Sea of Cortez caresses the Pacific Ocean and all hell breaks loose at the other end of your line, but we’ll get to that in just a moment. Because as it became vividly clear during the daunting events of September 2014, the real reason why Cabo became the revered sportfishing giant it is today lies not just in its prolific fishing grounds, but perhaps even more so in the devotion and resilience regularly displayed by the local fishermen, captains and charter owners, intrepidly committed to their home fishery no matter the circumstances."