Starting a Yacht Charter Business

"Buying an existing charter yacht that already has a good reputation in the charter market with existing booking information online and marketing and sales material is an excellent value." -

But how do you know if it's right for you?  One way to explore this option is by reading what other charter companies have to say.  What are the pros and cons each company owner is experiencing?  And, does location really depend on the experience?  Of course it does.  

One of the key business mottos is location, location, LOCATION.  

"Cheryl and Bob Piccoli spent five years in the planning phase before they purchased their Lagoon catamaran."  Bob suggest, " “They’re managing and maintaining your boat,” Bob suggests that you should feel comfortable with the charter comany your are dealing with.  He says. “They’re doing all the things that are required. They’re not always going to call you. You have to be comfortable with that.”  (Read More...)

Jody and Mike are another couple who started their own charter business after working for one.  Jody advises, "Like any yacht, it needed modifications, but a year later, we find ourselves surprisingly successful in our niche charter business. We specialize in short cruises with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. We also offer waterway cruises which we refer to as “boat and hotel cruises,” where guests travel aboard during the day and stay at nice hotels at night (we handle arrangements and luggage transfers)."  

Jody's insights into their charter business is very upfront and informative.  One thing she says, "We have found that our positive attitude and passion for sharing our love of classic yachting has been a huge asset in setting up our charter business. We love making the boat our business, but it’s definitely not for everyone." (Read More...)