Robobait of the Future!

That's right, they're here and they're taking over the ocean!  Forget angling the real deal, now we can hunt fish robots in the sea!  Well, not really, but it sure makes for a fun intro.

What this post is really about is how technology is advancing the way we fish.  In an online post published March 15, 2017 by Outdoor Life titled, "Fishing Lures of the Future," the article highlights how simple fishing lures are now being engineered for better quality, "...concept is simple. We are using advanced digital circuitry to produce a lure that mimics real forage species not only in the way that it swims and looks, but in the way that it sounds as well." 

They say that "ultra-realistic" bait has become the norm for anglers all over the USA.  

So from virtual design concepts to futuristic plastics, worm bait is no longer just worm bait?