Turn an old Hatteras into a Houseboat

Think in terms of fixing up an old mustang, it's going to take time and money.  But if the skeleton is solid then it's worth the challenge especially if you can yacht the seven seas in your own custom yachtfisher, your own home on the sea.  Know what I mean?  

So just because the year of the boat is not as modern as you would like, yet the price is just right, time to think with some creativity so don't go sailing off into the sunset just yet.  Let's do some research and focus on what your needs are.  Are you bored and you need a project?  Do you just want a toy to play with?  Are you serious angler and need some time away from modern city life?  

Chances are, you need a new mental challenge that matches your desirable hobbies.  So if boating, sailing, yachting, or angling is in your heart and soul then let's anchor this baby into a concept who may not have thought about, creating your very own deep-sea fishing condo.