Newbie Sporfishing Advice

If you are a new angler looking for an experience, then Cabo San Lucas is your best choice for deep sea fishing.  We have plenty of charters for all different levels of experience, with some of the best Sea Captains to boot!  But in order to have a fun experience it's wise to educate your self on realistic challenges when it comes to fishing in the ocean.  Marlin fishing is not for the weak.

There is no one cheat sheet that works for every type of fishing.  There are differences between saltwater and freshwater fishing.  The species of fish you decide to go after, depends on how you should be prepared.  So before you do go out on your first fishing trip, decide on the water and the fish first.  Another thing to think about is the weather.  You could plan for a buddy fishing trip a year in advance, but the day you do fish, it might rain.  So be flexible and decide on a week you would like to fish, rather then being stuck on one day.

The best attribute of fishing charters is that they already have all the necessary equipment, tournament tough and ready for any strong marlin.  And since they have been in the business for more than a few years, they would know the best rod and tackle according to the season and fish biting.  Plus, always keep your options open.  Most people want that Marlin, but reality of the Sea is that you will catch what the Sea wants you to catch.  Make sense?

(Click Here to Download a Fishing for Dummies Cheat Sheet)