The Marine Survey

Marine Surveys & Yacht Inspections are professionally prepared reports needed for almost every financial institution when you want to buy or sell your yacht.  These thorough inspections are not rushed and may take more than one day which includes a sea trial of the yacht in open waters.  

A thorough inspection depends on the type of survey required based on the vessel size, equipment, and on-board systems.  There maybe additional services such as engine surveys, oil analysis, and other tests.

So why should you have your boat inspected?  Because banks and insurance companies require them.  They need to know the yachts condition and fair market value in order to finance and/or underwrite the vessel.  Knowing the yachts condition and fair market value before you purchase the boat is also very important!  However, the most important reason to have your boat inspected is for the safety of the passengers and crew. (Source:

What does the inspection include?  The inspection includes every piece of equipment on your boat.  From basic vessel data to it's layout, measurements, side decks and cabin, galley and domestic systems, tanks, pumps, electrical equipment, staterooms, safety equipment, oil analysis, photographs of the boat, and any other findings and recommendations the surveyor has to offer.

The report itself is very lengthy and detailed, ranging from 15 pages to 20, depending on the size of the vessel.