Fishing for Father's Day - Go Tribal

Sometimes being the best fisherman is not about how you conquer Mother Nature in a death match angling the mother-load on your line.  

It's about being the hunter on the prowl, utilizing your gut instincts which are actually reinforced by Nature, teamwork at best because you know Nature is the primal force which rewards your skills.  And most hunters like the serenity and solitude with Nature because she is the one force which comforts any man willing to surrender to her bounty, on land or at sea.  

So as men on land caught up in the modern frenzy one of the best way's to escape is fishing, a perfect bonding moment between brothers or father and son.  Many women enjoy fishing too.  It's a chance to build and strengthen family values and communication, comforted by the soothing force of Mother Nature.  

One way to strengthen a man's intuition for hunting is to completely go tribal and fish like a bushman, without all the modern electronics which seem to blind a man's 6th sense.  Instead of that fancy fishing pole, why not a spear?  

Challenge and sharpen those mental skills.  

Another idea is to recreate Tom Hank's film "Castaway" fishing troubles.  How long do you think it would take you to finally spear an actual fish?  

Think outside the boat sometimes because you never know what grand skill you might acquire when you get back in it.