The Bienvenidos Spirit of Cabo

It's a dance they say, a unique dialogue between the guest and their host.  

A one-of-a-kind experience tailored through an involvement with life, and every major tourist destination has their own special spirit that touches all of us in our own ways.

So for the special spirit that resides in Cabo San Lucas, I call it the Bienvenidos Spirit, the Welcome Spirit of Hospitality.  Rich in history and diverse in culture, Cabo calls many people to come down south.  

"In many ways, hospitality is out of control. It comes from the expressed humanity of the provider not from a rigid series of actions. 

You recognize it when you experience it and yet you really cannot define what it is any more than you can adequately define your love for your children. 

You can talk about what you do for them or how they make you feel, but that isn't it." 

What is The Spirit of Hospitality, or the Bienvenidos Spirit?

"The best way we can describe that difference is to recognize that it shows up as a feeling. The feeling is generated by the prevailing state of mind of the restaurant's leadership and employees. It is invisible. However, like the wind, we feel its effects.

The Bad News: The spirit of hospitality is not something that can be taught as you might teach service sequence or job skills.

The Good News: The spirit of hospitality is an innate quality of all human beings. You don't need to "teach" it -- you just need to create and sustain a climate where it can emerge and blossom.

The Better News: We have learned how you can do exactly that ... if you can open your thinking to some fresh possibilities."